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Make your own app easily

Published on November 14, 2014 by in Uncategorized

make your own appThese days you can create your own applications very easily. To do so, first you will have to find a website that allows creation of apps in a simple way and get registered there.

You can then start off by selecting the template in which you want your app to be in. Once you decide which template to use, you should click on the select option. You can opt for a blank template or the one which has few built in settings. Then you can select in which view you want your app to look like. It might be iPhone view or Android phone view or even web page view. You also can select the device display such as Nexus 4, Nexus S, HTC Desire C, and so on. This helps you decide the template of your app that will suit all devices. Now, you will need to mention the name of your app. Every time you create an app, you should not be naming them in an arbitrary manner because you will get confused as to which app is for what purpose. So you should look to name it based on the work it is used for. Then you select the platform for which your application is devised. You will find a host of options such as native iPhone, Android, native iPad, and web page for customization. The app set for web page platform will work on all devices but the app set for iPhone will not work in Android devices and vice versa. So this is something you must take proper note of.

After this you will need to select the navigation method. This basically means the way you want your users to navigate in your app. You can customize your tabs or you can go with the standard tabs that are present there.  You can then click on the Done button to finish the application building process.

You can edit your app as and when you wish to. For instance, there are a hundreds of HTML page types for the introduction of your app after which you have the menu pages. Even here you have so many options like Button Menu, Circle Menu, Color Menu, Content Menu, Grid Menu, etc. You can select the view of your menu here.

HTML pages such as About Us, Audio Play page, Calculator Page, Calendar Page, Count Down Timer page and so on can also be added. There are Native Page types which work only on selected devices. Some of them are BMI Calculator, Calendar, Dropbox Media List, Dictionary, Email attachment, etc. You have some more Native Page types like Slot Machine, SMS, Video List and the list goes on and on.

GEO page types such as Check-in, Location Finder, Maps, and Locations etc. are also some of the features you can include in your apps. Image Page types like Slideshow, Image List, Native Image Viewer, 3D Layer, Mosaic and so on can also be used. You also ways and means that allow the sharing of your apps on social media pages like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

With such great features you can make your own app according to your imagination. It is up to you on how you want your users to use them.

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