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Undertake easy workforce management with Ento

Published on June 24, 2015 by in Business

workforce-management-softEnto is a type of workforce management software, which also schedules the work hours of the employees. It relies on the Internet, as it stores all its information on a cloud server. This quality of the software makes it very fast in retrieving and processing information. It is very inexpensive too. It is very easy in terms of usage and provides the owner with a plethora of workforce management solutions.

Ento is suited for both, small start-ups and large businesses, as it eliminates the need to hire extra employees or buying expensive physical attendance checking devices. It makes the task of managing shifts easier and the HR and POS systems of the company more efficient by cooperating with them.

Benefits of using Ento
This software is very efficient and has a beautifully organised user interface which is equipped with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system. It also has many inbuilt templates which make the management work even easier. Owners of this software can easily schedule the workers according to different shifts, as the software is tremendously fast and can calculate all the costs involved in some mere seconds.

The software can help the user to keep extra costs in check so that the daily budget can be met with ease. It has a warning system in place, so whenever the user is going to add a cost it makes sure that does not exceed the daily budget. It can even send a message to an employee to make him know about his current shift timings. It ensures that all the hours of work are covered evenly, thus saving lots of time and adding to the company’s profit.

Software’s price
The pricing of this software is based on the number of employees in that company. It is priced on a monthly basis. At present, it is only available in the United States.
Ento is inexpensive and costs only $4 for each employee every month. If the SMS services are used, an additional cost of 3 cents per message is added to the initial price. Also, if you take the support of the Enterprise, you have to offer an extra 3 cents.
The special Enterprise support includes many facilities like advanced reporting for extra costs, an external account manager, automatic synchronisation of files and an advanced deadline reporting system. You can download a free trial for 21 days from their website.

Should you use it?
This software is mainly for businesses which need to deliver goods within a deadline and large start-up companies which have a large number of employees. Also, this software is used in a variety of industries like in large shopping complexes, restaurants, bars and large organisations. Ento can manage any type of employee, be it permanent, temporary or even casual employees. Any organisation can use this software for maximum efficiency and profit.

Why is it better than others?

The owner of the company must think about the employees if he wants to manage the company efficiently. It is known to all that, as a company grows, the number of the employees working for that company increases.
Increased numbers of employees need better management, and this software really manages them better, at a very less price. So, this software not only provides efficiency, but also productivity and flexibility.

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